Sunday, 1 March 2015

Taking a Break From Blogging

I've been struggling to get my blog posts out recently for a variety of reasons that I will explain further below. I feel like I'm stuck at the moment for ideas, inspiration, and my own self-confidence is definitely playing a part in my absence... It's been a tough few weeks for me self-loving wise, and it's really put me off. I'll get onto my reasons now, not that I can imagine many people wanting to know, but it feels better for me to write out what I am struggling with and what I aim to do during my break. 

I work full time Friday-Tuesday, 9-5 (5.30 when the clocks go forward!) so this leaves me very little time to get any photography in, especially over winter as it's dark whilst I'm still at work. I was managing to take photos on sick-days, serious mass photography over Christmas and on Wednesdays on my day off.
Recently, I've been busy doing things on my Wednesdays off like driving, errands in town and housework... It's been making the days go fast and leaving no day-light for blogging. Thursdays I commit to spending the day with my boyfriend, as that's the only day we have off together.

I've really not been feeling myself recently, and it's completely knocked any confidence I previously had. My skins gone really bad, my hairs not great, I've gained weight and I seem to just not be styling myself right fashion-wise... I pretty much feel like sh*t all the time and it's really wearing on me. This sounds really moany, I don't mean it to be, but it's played a major part in me not blogging, I feel put off and not good enough to be in this community right now.

I say "sort of" as I have some drafts for reviews, guides, etc right now but no time to photograph for them. But in general, I'm kind of stuck what to post on. I'm not really doing anything right now apart from working and I'm on a saving ban as I'm saving up for a house (so it's essentials only!) however I do have some future post ideas, like a work tour, holiday haul/packing/actual holiday post, etc...

My plan for right now is to focus taking care of myself, and gathering up ideas and plans for future blogging! I have some ideas already, so that's something! I also plan on making some changes to blog layout to make it more me, and to hopefully look nicer to you lovely readers!

I'll still be lurking, tweeting and chatting on my Twitter.
I'm loving Pinterest right now - I'm on it everyday! 
I'm planning to post everyday on Instagram from now on.
I'll still be on Bloglovin reading and commenting on your blogs too.

I'm hoping to be back soon, I adore blogging and the blogging community, but right now I need to take a step back, take care of myself and work on new ideas! See you all very soon!

Ellie x
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