Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Golden Rose Matte Lip Crayon - The BEST Lip Product I've Ever Tried!?

If you saw my Golden Rose haul, then you'll have been awaiting this post! I am seriously mind-blown about these lip crayons. For roughly £5 you wouldn't think much of them, but oh my god are they amazing. I've never used something with such good staying power!

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The crayons themselves are in the typical crayon product packaging, that look smart with their matte black casing and white wording. I also like having the coloured ends, so you know what you're picking up!

The product itself is lovely, they are so smooth and creamy and easy to apply. The pigmentation is amazing, the colours really pack a punch. Being matte is always a worry for my mega dry lips, but they almost feel conditioning as they go on, and dry matte with absolutely no dryness what-so-ever!

Now, their staying power is what has really got me excited about these. I normally avoid dark lips at all costs when I know I'm going to be eating or drinking without a straw, as it's usually just so much hassle and you end up looking like you've just lined your lips throughout the course of your meal until you can reapply. Annoying! But, this doesn't move. Seriously. They won't budge from drinking without a straw, and it barely even fades from eating. INSANE.

The only gutting thing about these is that they're not available in the UK. Not just yet, anyway. I'm really hoping Golden Rose might break through into the UK, but then I think they wouldn't be such amazing value. If you're in Poland or Turkey (and wherever else they might have them) then I would 110% recommend!

Ellie x


  1. So gutted these aren't available in the UK as they are beautiful! Usually lip crayons aren't that pigmented for me, but these look great
    Estelle x - Let Me Go xo

    1. Me too haha! They are seriously so brilliant, if I ever find a place where they sell them I will definitely do a post on it! :)

    2. This is years old but they are sold on Ebay

  2. Which are the number of each one; I am from Greece and can find Golden Rose cosmetics!!! Thank you

  3. I didn't know that Golden Rose did these! When I go to Serbia I always buy their nailvarnishes as they're so cheap and they're my favourite ones! I'll have to keep an eye out and see if they do makeup too! :) xx


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