Friday, 21 August 2015

Golden Rose Haul

The one thing I couldn't get my mind off whilst on holiday was the Golden Rose store I found in the local mall. It's serious makeup heaven! The quality of makeup is amazing, and so cheap. I've come home wishing I bought more things. There's a limited range available for the UK, but it's nothing like what's on offer overseas!

The nail polish is brilliant, they have hundreds of shades but I whittled it down to 7 colours and a fast-dry topcoat. Everyone needs a fast-drying topcoat in their lives! They do chip quite easily but their life is a lot longer if you use a higher quality top coat. These came in at 5L each (roughly £1.13)

I only bought one single eyeshadow as I don't really need anymore eyeshadows but I couldn't resist this pretty golden-orangey pink-toned one! The quality is amazing, it's so soft and buttery and blends amazingly. It's very, very similar in texture to the MAC shadows! I believe this was around 17L (around £3.84)

I picked up one lip liner as I didn't have a darker liner in my collection. This is a nice berry shade, and works really well under the new crayon I bought too! It's soft, non-drying and is in an easy twist-up tube, no sharpening required! This was 7.50L (around £1.69)

The matte lip crayons I bought are by far my favourite things I bought, I wish I had bought every colour they had! I'm doing their own review as they really deserve it! I picked up a rich berry shade, and a pink. They were 24.50L each (around £5.54 each)

Ellie x

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