Saturday, 27 September 2014

Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeshadow Paint - Golden Bronze & Rich Russet


The other day whilst browsing through Tesco, I came across a little sales basket in the Rimmel stand. I usually never look in these as there's usually nothing that takes my fancy, but I saw these Scandaleyes Eyeshadow Paints for only £1.25 - I just couldn't resist. 

These are cream eyeshadows that literally apply like a paint, they are so smooth to apply and glide on so easily. I don't use the doe-foot applicator that it comes with, I use a dense brush (I like these from Body Shop) as they just get more product onto the brush and allow easier application.

The packaging for these are pretty similar to their lipgloss tubes, which I don't find that special in all honesty. Like I said above, I don't use the doe-foot applicator as I do like to use brushes to apply eyeshadow, however I can see that they would be handy for people who are either new to makeup, don't have many brushes or want a super quick application.

What I do find pretty special, however, is the actual product. I was not expecting the levels of pigmentation that this delivers! I love how much impact they give, especially Golden Bronze. The super smooth formula glides easily onto the eyelid, and dries pretty fast. Like a typical cream shadow, this has some lasting power. After 9 hours of wear these were still clinging on to my lid.

Unfortunately the other colours in the range aren't for me, but I would pick up some more if they ever release any more colours! I highly recommend these if you want some long-lasting, high-impact colour shadow! 

Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeshadow Paint retails at £4.99 but I managed to pick mine up for £1.25!

Ellie x

Friday, 26 September 2014

Makeup Revolution Flawless Palette


The last Makeup Revolution product up for review today! This isn't actually my palette, it's my mums that I've swiped for the blog - no one tell her! It was just too pretty to not swatch.

Like most of the Makeup Revolution products, this comes in a shiny black plastic case. I personally have no problem with this, it looks smart enough for the price and your fingerprints clean off easily! It also comes with a pretty huge mirror. This is a fairly large sized palette, so I'm not sure if you'd take this palette around with you often, but that mirror will definitely come in handy if you ever find yourself without one!

This palette is just so gorgeous. Some of the shades literally blew me away with how pretty and pigmented they are. Some shades weren't quite up to standard, but this usually happens in palettes, this could also be improved if they were applied wet. The best performing colours in my opinion were the reds, pinks and golds. 

Overall, I'm super impressed with this palette. For £8 you get 32 fairly high-quality, well pigmented shadows you really can't go wrong.

Ellie x

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Makeup Revolution #happylips in Love Nude


It's the third of four Makeup Revolution reviews today and I'm reviewing #happylips, which is a super hydrating, glossy finish lipstick.

I'm always on the look out for nude/everyday shades as I'm generally more casual than dressed up, so when I saw Love Nude on the shelf I took a chance and bought it. There was no testers as my Superdrug either didn't have any or someone stole them (hardly surprising as the testers are a whole palette in full packaging, not stuck down etc) so this was a bit of a surprise colour for me.

The outer packaging I actually really like, a rose gold box with black writing with "Revolution" clearly written. I think I was probably drawn to this than their other lip products due to the rose gold packaging - anything rose gold I just have to check out!
The actual lipstick tube is just standard plain black tube, very similar to the MUA ones. Not overly exciting, but again I never expect too much from the more budget brands, I'm happy as long as the product is good!

Moving on to the actual product... I actually really like this. The nude shade is literally the perfect nude for me, a "my lips but better" shade. I need a slightly pink nude as the real nudes just do not suit me as I have naturally pigmented lips plus I just look like I've smeared concealer all over my lips! So if you're looking for a true nude and not a pink-toned one, this probably isn't for you. The outer layer is a generous amount of hydrating Argan Oil. This is where the product really wins for me.
When I first saw these #happylips, I just assumed that it would be a horrible almost plastic outer layer of pretend lip balm, but how wrong I was! I keep forgetting that these more affordable brands are seriously stepping up their game. It completely hydrates my lips and, combined with the gorgeous nude colour, makes my lips look perfect.

The one thing I will point out is that the colour doesn't last for a long time, especially after eating and drinking (it disappears totally), but I personally expected this as this generally happens with glossier/balm type products.

I am super impressed with these, I really want to try out some more shades. They have a lovely looking pink and red!
Have you tried these yet?

Ellie x

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Makeup Revolution £1 Lipstick in The One


On one of my more recent shopping trips I ended up picking this bad boy up. I try so hard to not go into Superdrug when I'm in town as I just never leave empty handed, but after accidentally falling *ahem* into Superdrug again, I ended up leaving with my newest lipstick.

Now, I've been wanting a proper nude for some time. I do love my Makeup Revolution #happylips in Love Nude (see post here), but I've been wanting to try a true nude to see if I could pull it off - and what better way than trying with a £1 lipstick?

In all honesty, I wasn't expecting much from this and the main reason is that MUA's £1 lipsticks really did nothing for me. However, I've been pleasantly surprised. 

The packaging is just a simple black plastic bullet that has a clear plastic end so you can see the shade. Although it doesn't look the best, it certainly is handy when you're quickly rummaging through your makeup bag, it makes finding your colour so easy!

The product itself is what I'm really impressed with. I was expecting a fairly dry formula but I couldn't be more wrong. It is so creamy and so pigmented. It applies like an absolute dream. As it is so pigmented, I do have to perfect it a little after application as it does make me look like I've smeared foundation over my lips to start, but after a blot and some gentle patting (obviously an industry term), it turns into a perfect nude.

It lasts for a decent amount of time without eating or drinking, I did find it sank into the creases of my lips, but nothing overly noticeable, I could deal with it without feeling conscious.

Overall, another purchase from Makeup Revolution that I'm happy with and that I'll be recommending!

Makeup Revolution Lipstick, £1

Ellie x

Monday, 22 September 2014

Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 Palette


I finally have the Iconic 3 palette by Makeup Revolution! My local Superdrug have finally brought Makeup Revolution and I ♥ Makeup and I am so happy. I've wanted to try these brands since everyone started raving about it, however, being my stubborn self I didn't give into the hype and didn't place an order. The more I've seen it though, the more I've wanted to try it - now I finally can (and without paying for delivery, hooray!)

As soon as I saw the Iconic 3, I knew I had to buy it. I know a lot of bloggers are against brands like Makeup Revolution who dupe a lot of the higher end brands, it's pretty good for us beauty addicts who are on a tighter budget!

I actually really quite like the packaging. I like that it's a fairly large palette, I feel like it makes it look more expensive. There is also nothing gimicky or silly about the black plastic casing, with neat gold lettering of "Revolution" along the bottom. There is no mirror, but I prefer this as I find palettes with mirrors, especially eyeshadow palette mirrors, get really dirty and end up looking really scruffy, plus I never use the mirrors anyway!

The shadows themselves are brilliant, as in any palette there are shades that have better colour payoff than others, but speaking generally they are pigmented and just gorgeous. It's hard to resist the pink and gold tones of this palette! They are all very soft and blend very easily, and also have barely any fall out on application.

Since trying and loving this palette, I'm so excited to get my hands on more Makeup Revolution products. I don't often lust after a lot of products from the same brand, so well done MR!

Ellie x

Sunday, 21 September 2014

My A/W Lips


I'm starting to slowly change up my makeup now ready for the colder months, the two main changes in trends I think are lips and nails.
I love a mixture of reds and nudes for this season, and I'm thinking of even having a hint of orange this next season! 

Up first is the nudes. I've been loving a nude lip recently as I just find them so easy to pull off and I feel like they look really quite chic.
Love Nude! by Makeup Revolution is part of their #happylips range and it's a pretty perfect MLBB shade. The argan oil around the outside keeps my lips nice and hydrated and the gorgeous pinky nude makes my lips look perfected.
08 is part of Rimmel's Kate collection and again, is a super gorgeous pink nude. I love the satin finish of this, plus it just seems to last forever!
The One by Makeup Revolution is very new to my collection but I've already fallen in love with it's super creamy texture and awesome pigmentation. Very much a "true nude"!

Onto the reds. Everyone needs a red lipstick in their life and with over 200 different shades that the human eye alone can see, I'm positive there's a red out there for everyone.
Bourdeux is part of the Maybelline Colour Sensational range and is a gorgeous dark red. It applies really nicely and isn't drying at all. It's not the longest lasting, but I don't mind doing a touch up!
160 is a super dark purple/red by Barry M. Although it's part of the Moisturising Lip Paint range, this seriously isn't moisturising and actually fairly hard to apply. However, it is a stunning colour.
Now Alarm is by Rimmel and a part of their Lasting Finish range. I love this colour, a real true red and just a real winner. It has a lovely texture, is easy to apply and lasts for quite a while before showing any wear!

Up last is something a bit different, I haven't actually seen orange on any A/W posts so far yet I feel like it's a nice shade for this time of year. Electric Orange by Maybelline is a seriously bright shade, but a light wash over the lips (or even applied over the top of a nude) is just a lovely wash of colour. Certain to banish those gloomy day blues!

Ellie x

Friday, 19 September 2014

London Fashion Week 2014 - Street Style


The final installment of my LFW mini-series in of course, street style. Street style is one of my favourite things, from celebs to bloggers to visitors... I just love seeing how others style themselves. Here are my favourites!


Thursday, 18 September 2014

London Fashion Week 2014 - Beauty


Second in my mini-series of London Fashion Week is beauty! There's a lot of natural looking makeup (or even no makeup!) going on for S/S 15, as well as hints of metallic and the occasional dramatic lined eye. I also love the swept back hair and messy braids. 

Calvin Klein - photo 1 & 2

Proenza Schouler - photo 1 & 2

Michael Kors - photo 1 & 2

Rodarte - photo 1 & 2

Versus Versace - photo 1 & 2

Derek Lam - photo 1 & 2

Altuzarra - photo 1 & 2

Burberry Prorsum - photo 1 & 2

Ellie x

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

London Fashion Week 2014 - The Catwalks


So as you're aware it's London Fashion Week and I'm sure you've been completely bombarded with posts but hey, it's hard to not get sucked into the hype! I'm going to do a mini-series of my favourite catwalk looks, street style looks and beauty looks! 

First up, the catwalks. 

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