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Thinking About Horse Riding? Tips, Truths & General Info


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Something slightly different today. I've been speaking to quite a few people lately about horse riding, and I've discovered that so many people are interested in horse riding but either don't know where to start or are "scared" to start. I'm no equine expert, but I have spent around 13 years of my life around them, so I feel like I could at least advise in where to start!

General Information
- Horse riding isn't cheap. Prices of lessons do depend on what area you live in though. In Worcestershire, the general price at a standard riding school is around £30 per hour.
- Riding schools provide riding hats, so there's no need to invest in a hat if you aren't sure whether you'll stick at it.
- For your first few lessons, wear some thick leggings and shoes with a small heel. A lot of new riders wear wellies! 

- When you first start riding, you will feel off-balance. It takes a while to be able to adjust your balance and be able to comfortably move with the horse.
- As well as feeling off-balance, you've also got to learn to hold the reins and keep your feet in the proper position in the stirrups. You will most likely look very awkward.
- You will fall off. Falling off doesn't mean you're a bad rider though, you may have made a mistake or your horse could have spooked and caught you off guard, but falling off makes for a better rider - trust me on this one! Those Olympians didn't make it to where they are today without a few broken bones,
- Yes, you could actually break a bone. Or multiple bones.
- Horse riding is one of the most, or the most, dangerous sport in the world.

- Practice makes perfect! Mix up your learning with group lessons and private lessons. Group lessons are fun and generalised, whereas you can choose what to focus on in a private lesson.
- If you fall off, get back on! It's probably all you'll hear from equestrians, but honestly, if you come off and don't get back on, you'll find it so hard to get back on again. I learnt this the hard way! 
- Don't rush out and buy all the gear straight away. Make sure you're going to keep up with riding before splashing the cash. Decent protective equipment and clothing can cost a fair bit!

Don't let my truths put you off! Horse riding is such a rewarding sport, you learn so much about something so great, learn a lot about your own personality and of course get a good workout and some fresh air!
I will warn you though... Horses are addictive! 

That's it for my little guide! I didn't want to go mad on information, but if you want to know anything else, please feel free to email me. 

Ellie x


  1. It's so strange how many bloggers also horse ride!
    I've had horses since I was born myself so may start blogging about it more :')
    Love this post

    1. I know! I was so surprised too! It's lovely to meet other equestrians, I've had to take a break this year and it's literally painful not being able to ride! You should definitely do some horsey-themed posts :) xx


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