Sunday, 7 September 2014

ELEANORMAE ft. Alexandra RM Photography


This is a pretty exciting post for me! I've been working on this post for a couple of days and I'm finally typing it. Ahh! A few firsts for me is in this post today. My very first outfit posts, working with my best friend and collaborating for a post!

My best friend Ally is studying A Level Photography and although I've helped her out with past projects, this is my most favourite as she's doing fashion! I really hope that she gets me involved with her other fashion photography projects as they all sound super exciting. This shoot wasn't really themed so I just wore some of my current favourite pieces.

Shirt - River Island
Bag, Shorts & Shoes - Primark
Watch - Guess

Top, shorts & shoes - New Look
Necklace - River Island
Watch - Guess

Shirt, coat & bag - Primark
Shoes & jeans - New Look

From this post it's probably pretty obvious that I'm a huge fan of both Primark and New Look. I don't see any shame in buying from stores like Primark, there are some amazing items in there. You really don't need to spending huge amounts to feel like you look good! These are some of my favourite items right now, especially my Primark coat. I'm in love!
*Apologies to Ally for being worlds worst model - I have no idea what you're meant to do in front of a camera*

Ally is just setting up her own photography business, Alexandra RM Photography. She's super talented and really has a natural eye for good photos, and is also a dab-hand at Photoshop. I really recommend checking out her previous projects, and I hope to keep you guys informed of the projects to come! If you'd like to get in touch with Ally for any photography, her deets are below!
Email -
Instagram - alexandra_rm_photography


  1. I love the black shorts from Primark are they new? :)

    1. I bought these around a month ago so they aren't brand new, however they are still in my local Primark so I assume they'd still be other stores too! :)

  2. wow, this persons photography is AMAZING!! ;)

  3. Literally EVERYTHING about the above outfits are just SO on point?! You have some serious style and I love how you've put everything together!
    I absolutely adore the shirt and short combination! The print is so pretty!!! I want!!!
    Rebecca xxx

    1. Wow oh my gosh, best compliment ever?! Thank you so much lovely!! xxx

  4. Beautiful photography. Love the diffferent outfits.

  5. love thoses shoes, smart but still comfy


    1. Yes definitely! The pointed flats are the some of the comfiest I've ever owned :) x

  6. You look lovely in all the photos! :)


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