Saturday, 31 May 2014

May Favourites


I cannot believe it's the end of May already. 2014 is going pretty fast which does scare me! By the end of next month I'll be free from college, jobless (I'm only a temp) and hopefully doing my driving test. I think June will be a bittersweet one, I'm not entirely looking forward to it! 

This month I've managed to pile up a bunch of favourite beauty products! I've found some real good-un's that I'm planning on keeping around for a while! At the bottom of this post I've also written a little bit about my non-beauty favourites.

John Frieda Full Repair Shampoo and Conditioner
My hair is incredibly damaged. To the point where I pretty much need to chop of around 2-3 inches to get it "happy" again, but I'm not about to rush off to the hairdressers to get that done. A while ago I decided to just buy a few sets of these John Frieda Full Repair shampoos and conditioners and hope they would help my hair, and help they did! My hair is now very shiny, more healthy looking and my ends are softer! Of course it can't repair split ends, but it definitely helps the appearance of them. I adore this shampoo and conditioner!

Argan Oil
I picked this up a while ago from Savers, it was on offer and caught my eye. However I've only started using it within the last month. I've really been loving this oil as it makes the ends of my hair feel very soft and helps smooth it out (as I have very frizzy hair), I've also been lightly smoothing the remaining oil left on my hands over the rest of my hair which helps give it more shine and smooth down a bit of frizz. Hair oil does wonders!

Fake Naked 3 Palette
Yep, you heard me! Months and months ago I ordered this fake Naked 3 palette from eBay as I was desperate to get the palette, however I just couldn't justify spending nearly £40 on myself for one eyeshadow palette. After ordering this, the Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 came out, which in terms of pigmentation, looks a lot better than mine. However I am very happy with this palette, I'm really enjoying using pink-toned shadows at the moment, I've been using Burnout, Trick or Liar pretty much everyday! 

Body Shop Honey Bronzer
This seems to have taken over the blogging world! I am so glad I bought this bronzer, it has completely changed the way I apply my makeup and I've never felt so good wearing makeup. It gives me a really nice warm and healthy complexion, I just can't get enough! I will definitely be repurchasing when this runs out. 

B. Cosmetics Lip Gloss in Raspberry Coulis
My perfect everyday gloss, I literally cannot go a day without wearing it. It applies so nicely and gives my lips a bit of subtle colour. I think it's definitely a shade that will come up differently on different skin tones, etc, on me it's very natural and gives me just a tiny bit of colour. Perfect for work or everyday! 

Real Techniques Brushes: Core Collection, Eye Starter Kit & Retractable Kabuki
If you read my full review on these brushes, then you will know I only used a couple of the brushes when I first bought these, I have now found a use for all of them! It seems a bit crazy using so many brushes, but I cannot tell you how much different, and better, my make-up looks for it! They may seem pricey, but it's worth it!

Non-Beauty Favourites
I've been absolutely loving Iggy Azalea this month, I'm still to pick up her new album though! Rosé wine has been a bit too prominent in my life recently, oops. Die Antwoord released their new song from their new album Donker Mag, with a bit of a strange video - gotta love Yolandi though! I've basically lived in flat jelly shoes this month, although they broke (oops) so I've upgraded to a heeled pair! 

I've really enjoyed May. Although I've been poorly, we've had some cracking weather in Britain (though we've returned to rain just recently), I've had some good parties and nights out, lots of tasty foods as there's so many birthdays in May and some lovely times with my friends and family. 

How was your May? What favourites do you have for this month?


Friday, 30 May 2014

Shusole Fancy Cleated Platforms in White*


So after around 2 weeks away from blogging I have returned. Unfortunately I did get very poorly from my tonsillitis and have just had no energy whatsoever, and I'm coming up to the end of my college course so it's been quite stressful there too. I'm just glad to be back blogging, it's kind of my little escape.

Anyway, onto the exciting part! A few weeks ago the lovely people over at Shusole sent me some of their new Fancy Cleated Platforms! I decided to go with the white pair as I'm obsessed with white shoes at the moment, I literally cannot get enough of white shoes!

These are my first pair of "proper" high heels, so you can probably imagine my face when I opened them and saw how high they were! 

I was scared I wasn't going to be able to walk in them as I've only ever owned small heels (think chunky boots and small court shoes) but these are actually very easy to walk in and very comfortable too! I could probably easily be in these for a whole night! They also seem to be good quality, I expect these will be lasting me a while yet. 

I'm yet to brave these on a night out, however they will definitely be getting a least one outing this month! 

Thank you Shusole for these beauties, I love them! (and may have my eye on a black pair!) 

These are £24.99 and you can buy from Shusole here


Thursday, 15 May 2014

ASOS Purchases!


I recently received my first ever order from ASOS! I've been lusting over their stock for so long now, I'm surprised I haven't ordered from them sooner! 

On my birthday wishlist, I had two items left that I hadn't yet purchased. A black underwear set and some white summer sandals! ASOS had free delivery, so I jumped at the chance of ordering from them.

I've had a big amount of hassle to do with their account system. This is nothing to do with their customer services, in fact I emailed them about the issues I was having and I had a very quick and polite response. However, I've signed up with my main email and once I'd ordered, I tried to log back in again to track my order. It told me I did not have an account and the email was not recognised. I was confused as I'd literally just bought things from them, so I tried signing back up - it told me the email was in use. A few times of trying to log back in and creating a new account - and plenty of angry words muttered - it allowed me to create a new account using my main email. And I safely got my parcel, phew!
I have recently tried to log back in again to order and the same thing happened with it not recognising my email... This has put me off ordering again to be honest.
Anyway, enough ranting!

When I was searching through their underwear section, I must of been there for over an hour as there was just so much choice, it was so difficult for me to choose, but I eventually decided on a pretty black sheer bra with matching thongs. I prefer thongs as I find them super comfortable and I hate the thought of having a VPL (visible panty line!). It is super, super pretty on and fits me perfectly. This is my first ever non-padded bra, and I have to say, no other bra has fitted me better. I love how delicate and pretty it looks too - I am definitely after more non-padded sheer bra sets!
The thongs are also super comfortable, I love the prettiness of the front and I like the little cut-out at the back - it provides just that extra something to what otherwise would be a plain thong!
(My camera struggles on picking up details on black material, I do apologise!)

I've been on the hunt for a pair of nice white sandals for a while now. I almost picked some up from Topshop the other day (if you're a regular Topshop user, I'm sure you've seen them!) however once I tried them on, there was just something not quite right about them. As pretty and girly as they are, there was just something up. So, since then, I've been on a lookout for something similar. When I saw these New Look sandals, I literally just put them straight into the shopping bag. They're perfect!
They are so comfortable and easy to wear, definitely going to be a summer staple of mine!

Overall, I'm really happy with my purchases and I really want to order from ASOS again, I've just had such a hassle over the account... It's kind of put me off. Has anyone else experienced anything like this with ASOS, or am I an unlucky one?

Also, is anyone else obsessed with white shoes at the moment?!

Shoes | Underwear Set 


Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Where To Find Me!


I've just decided to write a quick list of where you can follow me! I'm slowly building up the confidence to branch out more onto social networking... So here's where you can follow me or contact me!

So I set up an email just for my blog! Any of you can email me (just please include a subject line of some sort!) I love receiving emails and I will respond as soon as I can!

You can of course follow me on Twitter, I have Twitter linked to my phone so I will always respond quickly (unless I'm at work). I love to chat and discuss all things beauty, fashion and more! I'm also looking to follow other bloggers back as I want to support us fellow bloggers :)

I have literally just this moment set up Pinterest, however you should follow me! I've been really interested in Pinterest for a while now, so I'd love to see you guys' boards too!
My Pinterest

You can also add me into your circles/follow me (whatever you do on Google+, I'm still not up to date with it) on Google+! I'll add/follow you back as when I do go on there, I like to read posts!
Ellie C on Google+

As a way to keep up to date with all my posts, you can follow me on Bloglovin! This is probably the easiest way for you to see my posts. Again, I'm following people back. The more blog posts, the merrier!
Ellie C on Bloglovin

So here are all the current ways you can contact me! I'll follow back whenever I can!


E.L.F Eyelid Primer in Sheer


I'm feeling so much better today, hooray! Tonsillitis has really knocked me sideways, it's been a while since I've felt this run down. I think it's a combination of doing too much and doing it all the time. I don't ever get a day off as I'm at college during the week and then I work all weekend, whilst trying to fit in my boyfriend, friends, coursework and blogging! Even though I've been ill, it's been nice to have time off, haha.

So today I wanted to review my E.L.F Eyelid Primer! I've been wanting an eyelid primer for quite a white, but I've never actually ended up buying one. Every time I get the opportunity I usually end up picking something else up, so I'm glad I've finally got one because I couldn't live without one now!

I picked this up in the colour "sheer" as I'd seen a lot of positive reviews of it, and how it's a really good dupe for the Urban Decay Primer Potion. Unfortunately I cannot compare as I've never actually seen/used the UD Primer Potion.
I like the fact it is actually sheer, I was kind of worried it would look like a concealer and possibly alter the colour of my shadows. It does apply as a very pale skin tone type colour, however it blends perfectly into the skin leaving no trace, you're just left with a perfect shadow base!

It applies very easily with its doe-foot applicator and is blended easily into the skin by using your fingertips. I apply this all around my eye; on my lid for the main shadow, lower lash line as I apply the colour there too and to keep my inner corner highlight in place. Works a treat!

It holds my shadow in place all day with absolutely no signs of it budging or creasing. I've tested this out my using my worst crease offender, the MUA Undress Me Too palette. I do love the palette, but my gosh does this crease! On my 8.5 hour long shift at work I find by the end of the day my make-up can start to look sparse and I usually end up nipping to the loos around 3.30pm to rub away my shadow creases - however I had non of that last weekend! I was a very happy girl!

The packaging is nothing special, however I am in favour of it's "boring" packaging. I definitely think less is more and I tend to reach for more simple looking products than fancily packaged things. It looks like a concealer bottle, so watch out in case you accidentally reach for this instead of your concealer (not that I did that... Ok, I 100% did...)!

I've just fallen in love with this product already, I have no idea how I'd cope without a lid primer now! I'm just so happy I don't have to worry about creasing anymore, haha. All regular shadow wearers need something like this to prolong the wear and prevent creasing!

The E.L.F Eyelid Primer is only £1.95 - an absolute steal! It comes in a range of 4 colours. You can purchase it here.


Tuesday, 13 May 2014 Haul!



One of my favourite online retailers has to be - I just simply can't get enough at the moment! I've put this all together, however all these items came in 3 separate orders around the time they had their free next day delivery offer on!
I've popped some links to the products where the price is :)
Also - sorry about quality of photos. I know it's hard to gauge what the clothes really look like unless they're on but I'm simply too poorly at the moment and I don't have the energy! :( I'll definitely be posting an updated version of this post with outfits and etc... Keep an eye out!

Black Jelly Shoes
I've been after a pair of jelly shoes for so long, like literally since last year. I'm not sure why I ended up not buying any... But at least I have this year! I'm in love. They go with pretty much all outfits and are just casual loveliness. I've been wearing these with cute patterned socks recently and I just love how that looks too.
I did make the mistake of wearing these for the first time with no socks... The result was a trip to the medical room at college after having both feet bleeding and me not being able to walk. Not fun. However, they are totally comfortable with socks/thin tights now I've broken them in!

Floaty Crop Tops
I don't really own many summery tops, so I thought I'd get my summer collection started with these 2 floaty crop tops. I thought I'd stay basic for now, so I picked them up in black and white. I haven't been able to wear these yet as the weather where I live has been crap, and when it's been nice I've been at work. I can't wait to wear them though, they are incredibly soft and I just love their floatyness. These were also surprisingly difficult to photograph!
£4 each

Black Bomber Jacket
I am so very much in love with this jacket. I adore bomber jackets, so when I saw this I just had to buy it. It has a plain black front and back, however the top half of the sleeves are sheer and lower half has a nice sheen to it. I just love this so much, I've been saving it for when I go out as I don't really have any "going out" jackets. Love, love, love!

Floral Kimono
I accidentally bought this in medium instead of small, and it is pretty big on me, however I kind of like the oversized affect it has once on. It's navy blue with green leaves/stems, and white/yellow and pale blue flowers. I've never owned anything like this and I can't wait to wear it this summer. It's very pretty and will be the perfect summer cover-up!

Mint Cardigan
Again, I've never owned anything like this as I usually go for "safe" colours. My "safe" colours typically being black, oops! When I saw this I was just immediately drawn to it. I thought the colour would be awesome for summer, and I love the fact it has short sleeves! I'm very self-concious about showing the top half of my body (especially my upper arm area) so this will be the perfect cover-up. The colour is simply gorgeous too - a lovely fresh mint green! I've also got my eye on the pink one.

Gold Leaf Headband 
I've never been a massive hair accessory person to be honest. I prefer my watches, rings and chunky necklaces. But recently I've been more drawn to hair accessories, especially those cute little flower rings you put around buns (should of picked one up actually!). I literally only wear gold, my whole dressing table is just full of gold or rose gold accessories. You could say I'm obsessed, or maybe a bit like Smaug off The Hobbit. This gold leaf headband is just so pretty and I can't wait to wear it!

I'm really happy with Boohoo and I will definitely be ordering from them again soon!


Monday, 12 May 2014

E.L.F Eyebrow Kit in Dark


I'm currently a very poorly girl! I got diagnosed with severe tonsillitis this morning after being very poorly for the past couple of days. Everything hurts, I can barely swallow and I have the worst headache I've ever experienced. Sigh. Still - I've found the energy to blog!

If you saw my E.L.F Haul post the other day - I'm sure you're expecting the start of some reviews! Well, here's the first, the Eyebrow Kit! I've been wanting to try out an eyebrow kit for so long now, but I never really knew what I wanted. I really like using powder for my brows, however I thought I'd try out something different! 

The kit comes with a dark brown solid gel, and a lighter brown powder. You also get a little double-ended brush, one side is angled to apply the gel and the second is a little rounded brush to be used to pat on the setting powder.

The gel is very different to what I'm used to, however I do like it. I purchased this in the colour "Dark" as I thought anything lighter would be too light, however this is almost too dark. I probably won't use this all over my brows as I think they'll look too over-done, however I probably will just use it to define my arches and to extend my brows slightly. 
It applies very easily and the little angled brush is perfect for doing the arches, extending the brow and filling in the front.

The packaging is quite nice, the outer packaging is matte black with a little window to see your product. The inside contains a little mirror, a space for the brush and two decent sized squares of product. Nice. It's also quite small, perfect for handbags and on-the-go.

The E.L.F Eyebrow Kit retails at £3.95! 

Overall, this is a nice little kit, I just wish I'd bought the medium and not dark. Oh well, lesson learnt!

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