Saturday, 10 May 2014

Body Shop Honey Bronzer in 04 Dark Matte


I'm really excited to be reviewing this product! I've been wanting it for so long, especially after seeing my favourite blogger and YouTuber LLYMLRS blog/vlog with it. I just thought it looked beautiful on her and had such lovely packaging - I needed to try it! I'm very influenced by my favourite bloggers, it's starting to get ridiculous how much I trust in blog reviews for products now!

I've been on the lookout for a decent bronzer for quite a while now. Blushers unfortunately don't suit me (apart from my Sleek Rose Gold), so I decided bronzers are probably the way to go in making my face look more alive and healthy! 

I've tried many different bronzers recently (testing my friends various bronzers mainly!) and I didn't like any. After seeing a few videos and posts of this bronzer and literally watching the popularity of it spread, I decided to take the chance and purchase it. Another one of my "best purchases ever"!

The colour suits me very well, the warm brown matte is fairly dark on my skin as I'm currently quite pale, however summer is just round the corner so I'll be way more tanned soon! When swatched, it does look orange, but it is actually incredibly natural once blended into the skin. It just makes me look so much healthier, I already couldn't be without it on my daily face.
It applies incredibly smoothly and blends out really well. For my daily face, I apply this with my Real Techniques retractable kabuki brush and it just feels so nice on my skin, especially when combined with the softness from my brush. It is also a really buildable product, I could probably get away with the slightly lighter shade and just build it up! I also find it's perfect for contouring, I just use my Real Techniques contour brush in the usual places and it applies just as smooth!
I would say the wear time is around 7-8 hours, after that I would reapply with a light hand just to get the warmness back. As I'm typing this I've been wearing it for 10 hours and I can still see it, it just doesn't have the same "warmness" it did when I put it on at 9am this morning!

The packaging is lovely. A dark amber simple, round compact. Just on top is a honeycomb pattern, nicely fitting in with the "honey" name! Inside there is a handy mirror for on the go, and the product is also shaped in honeycombs!

I really love this bronzer, and I will definitely be repurchasing. It is great as an everyday product, and can also be used for contouring (which I tend to save for going out!). I'm really happy that I bought this!

The Body Shop Honey Bronzer retails at £13, which for me, is incredibly expensive! I would say it is definitely worth the money though, you get an awesome product with lovely packaging.

P.s. Again, I'm sorry about my image quality. I haven't been able to use my living room for a few days (I get the best light in there) so I've been stuck to my bathroom, agh!



  1. only heard good things about that bronzer and i feel like i have to try it anytime soon.

    1. You should definitely try it! It's worth the whole £13! x

  2. I've heard such great things about this! I'll definitely be trying to check it out soon x


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