Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Boohoo.com Haul!



One of my favourite online retailers has to be Boohoo.com - I just simply can't get enough at the moment! I've put this all together, however all these items came in 3 separate orders around the time they had their free next day delivery offer on!
I've popped some links to the products where the price is :)
Also - sorry about quality of photos. I know it's hard to gauge what the clothes really look like unless they're on but I'm simply too poorly at the moment and I don't have the energy! :( I'll definitely be posting an updated version of this post with outfits and etc... Keep an eye out!

Black Jelly Shoes
I've been after a pair of jelly shoes for so long, like literally since last year. I'm not sure why I ended up not buying any... But at least I have this year! I'm in love. They go with pretty much all outfits and are just casual loveliness. I've been wearing these with cute patterned socks recently and I just love how that looks too.
I did make the mistake of wearing these for the first time with no socks... The result was a trip to the medical room at college after having both feet bleeding and me not being able to walk. Not fun. However, they are totally comfortable with socks/thin tights now I've broken them in!

Floaty Crop Tops
I don't really own many summery tops, so I thought I'd get my summer collection started with these 2 floaty crop tops. I thought I'd stay basic for now, so I picked them up in black and white. I haven't been able to wear these yet as the weather where I live has been crap, and when it's been nice I've been at work. I can't wait to wear them though, they are incredibly soft and I just love their floatyness. These were also surprisingly difficult to photograph!
£4 each

Black Bomber Jacket
I am so very much in love with this jacket. I adore bomber jackets, so when I saw this I just had to buy it. It has a plain black front and back, however the top half of the sleeves are sheer and lower half has a nice sheen to it. I just love this so much, I've been saving it for when I go out as I don't really have any "going out" jackets. Love, love, love!

Floral Kimono
I accidentally bought this in medium instead of small, and it is pretty big on me, however I kind of like the oversized affect it has once on. It's navy blue with green leaves/stems, and white/yellow and pale blue flowers. I've never owned anything like this and I can't wait to wear it this summer. It's very pretty and will be the perfect summer cover-up!

Mint Cardigan
Again, I've never owned anything like this as I usually go for "safe" colours. My "safe" colours typically being black, oops! When I saw this I was just immediately drawn to it. I thought the colour would be awesome for summer, and I love the fact it has short sleeves! I'm very self-concious about showing the top half of my body (especially my upper arm area) so this will be the perfect cover-up. The colour is simply gorgeous too - a lovely fresh mint green! I've also got my eye on the pink one.

Gold Leaf Headband 
I've never been a massive hair accessory person to be honest. I prefer my watches, rings and chunky necklaces. But recently I've been more drawn to hair accessories, especially those cute little flower rings you put around buns (should of picked one up actually!). I literally only wear gold, my whole dressing table is just full of gold or rose gold accessories. You could say I'm obsessed, or maybe a bit like Smaug off The Hobbit. This gold leaf headband is just so pretty and I can't wait to wear it!

I'm really happy with Boohoo and I will definitely be ordering from them again soon!



  1. The jelly shoes are soo pretty!

    Ana Leote

  2. I love this Boohoo haul! I need a jacket like yours and your jelly shoes are amazing x


    1. Aw thank you! You should get the jacket, it's such good quality and looks great on! x

  3. Hello Ellie .. I just saw your blog on Twitter .. I really like it
    You you mind popping in on my one too ...
    Leticia x


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