Friday, 2 May 2014

B. Cosmetics Review


I've known about B. Cosmetics for a while now, however I never really took much notice of it until they had a half price sale on when I was in Superdrug a few days ago. B. Cosmetics are a brand that are exclusive to Superdrug, and as far as I am aware, they do not have a Twitter or Facebook page. They are a vegan skincare and makeup brand, and do a wide range of products.

I actually really like the range of products that they sell and their prices are very reasonable, even better whilst they're on offer! I like their packaging too, it is simple but looks a lot more expensive than it is. I like fairly simply packaging - I always think it looks better than over-the-top designs.

I picked up 2 glosses, currently priced at £3.45 and the regular price is £6.99. I bought Raspberry Coulis and Bourdeux.

Raspberry Coulis is a pretty red-pink colour, which looks very natural on my lips. My new favourite everyday gloss! The longest I've kept this on my lips is a little over 3 hours, but then I ate/drank and it completely disappeared. I'm not upset by this to be honest, as I think the wear time is very good and I haven't personally tried a gloss product that hasn't vanished after eating or drinking without a straw! It applies very easily with it's doe-foot applicator.

Bourdeux is a very deep red gloss. I was expecting this to leave a more sheer touch of deep red, but it is very opaque! Although it isn't what I was expecting, I'm impressed. I wouldn't wear this for everyday mainly because I tend to prefer sheer colours for college, nipping around in town, etc... However I would definitely wear this going out or for an evening! I only swatched this on my lips to test the application, so I am unsure of the wear time, though I'm sure it is the same as Raspberry Coulis. I find this harder to apply than my other glosses, mainly because I'm scared of going "outside the lines" with such a pigmented product!

Both these glosses have absolutely no stickiness. It feels so lovely on the lips, the only way I can describe it is like "water". I'm in love with these glosses!

I also received a free gift with my purchase, which wasn't advertised on B's stand, so I was pleasantly surprised! I got a nail polish and an eye shimmer. The polish is a pretty pink with a slight hint of lilac, and the shadow a silver shimmer-packed cream shadow.

Peony is the polish, it is a very pretty colour and applies very easily due to a large brush. However I did feel like it took a long time to dry and remains tacky and easily dented, chipped, etc... For quite a long while.
Moonshine is the glitter shadow. It feels very smooth and creamy and blended out onto my hand very easily. From what I swatched, there was no fall-out. This is a very glittery product however, and is a bit of a pain to remove!

Overall, I am very happy with my glosses and I think I will be paying more attention to B. Cosmetics from now on! I will definitely be recommending these glosses, they are just a dream!



  1. I still haven't tried any products from this brand but everything looks lovely!!

    I really like the pink nail polish - it looks so pretty! :)

    Layla xx - hope we can follow each other xxx

    1. You should try! It's really lovely quality, I was impressed! Especially as they have a 50% off sale at the moment. Thank you for commenting! :) xx


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