Sunday, 4 May 2014

Real Techniques: Core Collection, Eye Starter Set & Retractable Kabuki


I have finally bought the Real Techniques brushes I've been lusting after for months. I could of probably bought these ages ago, but I've always wimped out at spending so much on some brushes. As I had some birthday money, I just went for it. Best decision ever!

Boots currently have a 3 for 2 on make-up brushes, I'm unsure on when this offer ends but it's a brilliant one so I'd head down to your local Boots ASAP if you can!

As of now, I've tested the retractable kabuki brush, detailer brush (from core collection), pointed foundation brush (core collection), buffing brush (core collection) and the base shadow brush (eye set). Each of these brushes are incredibly soft, high quality and apply make-up like a dream. I also adore the packaging that Real Techniques have. The brushes look high quality and just so lovely with their gold or pink metal handles. They look very professional-looking on my dressing table!

Retractable kabuki brush - I use this to apply my bronzer and it just feels so lovely to apply with. It's so soft and blends out my bronzer so well (I guess part of that is having a good bronzer, I use Body Shop's Honey Bronzer) and leaves it looking flawless.

Pointed foundation brush - I'm a bit iffy with this one, it still carries the same quality as all other Real Techniques brushes, however I just find it slightly tricky to use as well as time consuming. I prefer to use bigger brushes to speedily apply my foundation, especially if I don't have that much time! However, I can see it being useful to build up different levels of coverage in different areas of the face if needed.

Buffing brush - I love this brush! Even though it is described as a powder brush to apply powders or mineral foundation, I've just gone ahead and applied by liquid foundation with it. It blends in my foundation perfectly, leaving my skin looking almost airbrushed. It gives such a better finish applied with this brush compared to when I used my fingertips and other brushes.

Base shadow brush - Again, I love this brush. It is just so soft and feels lovely when applying shadow. I'm currently using the MUA Undress Me Too palette, and I found with other brushes I had a lot of fall-out and the shadows just didn't seem to blend - however with this I had no fall-out (no more tissues under the eyes, hooray!) and a little went a long way on my lids.

I can't wait to try the other brushes in my collections, I already love the 4 I've tried! Real Techniques definitely deserve the hype they get from bloggers and vloggers - if you're wanting high quality brushes I would definitely recommend Real Techniques.
The sets cost £21.99 and my kabuki cost £11.99 from Boots. I purchased these within their 3 for 2 on make-up brushes offer!



  1. I love RT brushes too. I've actually just ordered the retractable kabuki brush so I'm excited for its arrival!

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    2. * They're just great aren't they? You'll love the kabuki, it's awesome! x

  2. I want the kabuki one! looks amazing (**)

  3. i love the expert face brush. its quite hard to get hold off those brushes where i live but i really want more.

  4. I've heard so many good reviews on these brushes and I have yet to try them out. Hopefully, I'll get them soon. Thanks for the review


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