Thursday, 20 March 2014

Barry M Lipgloss Wands Review


Oops, another lip product review! I've recently started using my Barry M Lip Gloss Wands almost religiously... So I thought now would be a perfect time to review them! I own two limited edition colours, a red and a pale pink.

(my nail polish is Miss Sporty, colour now discontinued)

I love Barry M so much. Their products are always good quality for the money you pay and they just keep releasing better and exciting products!
I love these lip gloss wands as they are non-sticky and offer a lovely sheer wash of colour. I like sheer-coloured lip products (as you will find out if you keep reading this blog), so this is right up my street! They are also only £4.49... Value!

The product has a great formula, it applies really evenly with the help of a sponge applicator and like I said above, is non-sticky. Nothing worse than a sticky lip gloss... Yuck! Many colours have a slight shimmer to them in the tube, however this doesn't transfer onto the lips and it feels very lightweight and smooth on.

I am currently alternating both colours as I really like them both for this season... The baby pink looks very natural which I love for my "fresh" looking days, and the red gives a lovely wash of colour which I like with my bronzed spring look!

I would (and am) recommending these to everyone. There are loads of colours to choose from as well, so there's something to suit everybody!

Buy from Barry M here (and check out their other colours!)

Have you tried these?

Ellie xx

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Miss Sporty Dr Balm Review


All I seem to be doing recently is buying and reviewing lip products, like, I literally cannot stop. Any spare cash I may have is just instantly spent on some form of lip product.
The latest random lip purchase I made, was 2 Miss Sporty Dr Balm lip balms. I'm not sure what tempted me to buy these to be honest, Miss Sporty isn't really a brand I've ever used - not even as a young teenager! 

However, I'm glad I did. I actually really, really like these lip balms. They leave a nice sheer tint to the lips (which I'm loving at the moment) and they really do moisturise my lips. I get very dry lips, and these don't just mask the problem. 

(02, 05)
I bought 02, which looks a very shocking pink in the tube, but is actually a very pretty and natural looking pink when applied (well, on my lips anyway!) I really like wearing this to work as it brings some colour to my face whilst also looking natural.
I also purchased 05, the darkest colour of them all! This looks very dark in the tube, but actually applies to a very nice sheer red. 

(02, 05)

They both moisturise and colour very well, so I'm happy! The only thing I'm not overly happy with is the packaging (in my opinion, I think they look a little silly), but these little balms only cost £1.99 so I feel like I can't really complain!

Buy from Boots here for £1.99!

Have you tried these?

Ellie xx

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Pay Day Treats #1


I have a feeling this is going to become a weekly feature! I get paid weekly which means I will no doubt be spending all my pennies on things I don't need! However, at the moment, there's about 20 things I do actually need, so these will be bought over the next few weeks!

Xbox 360 Elite Jasper
I absolutely love gaming - I always have and I always will! Last summer I decided to upgrade from the comfort of Nintendo and jump to an Xbox... Kind of the best decision I've ever made but also the worst. This Xbox will be my 4th as the rest have red-ringed - I was not a happy bunny when a couple of weeks ago my last one decided to fault on me. I mean come on Microsoft, I've had 4 Xboxes in less than a year - what are you doing!! I decided to buy an Elite console fitted with the Jasper chip... No more red rings for me!
* Most of the consoles on eBay are literally only the console, there will be no controllers, power supplies or hard drives inside! Please read before you buy!

Barry M Lipgloss Wand in Baby Pink
I'm just going to put it out there now - I love Barry M's lip gloss wands and their nail polishes! I think they're such good value for money and I find the quality is always great! I have a limited edition red Lip Gloss Wand and I'm obsessed with it at the moment, it looks perfect with my current everyday make-up look. I highly recommend! I'll probably review and swatch both my red lip wand and this pink one when it arrives!

What have you treated yourself to from your most recent pay day?

Ellie xx

Follow Me on Bloglovin'!


I've decided to link this blog up with Bloglovin'! I needed to enter some sneaky text for Bloglovin' to find my blog, so here it is! - <a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a> -

Ellie xx

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

MUA Undress Me Too Palette


Around a week ago my local Superdrug finally brought in more MUA stock! I find that my Superdrug rarely replaces their stock, I'm not sure if this is true with other branches too, but I find it quite annoying - especially as MUA tends to fly off the shelves! I got in just as the lady was stocking the shelves, so I grabbed myself the Undress Me Too palette! I've wanted this palette for quite a while, so I'm pretty excited that I finally have it.

First Thoughts
My first impression of this was that it didn't look that exciting, especially packaging wise, however the colours you can see inside look really beautiful and warm - perfect for my skin tone! I was really excited about this product coming out as I heard it was a perfect dupe for Urban Decay's Naked 2 palette. If you hunt around on Google you can find some good comparisons! Unfortunately, I cannot personally compare as I do not own the Naked 2 palette.

I don't think the packaging is brilliant. It looks quite cheap and feels very flimsy to hold, open and close. I certainly wouldn't trust it not breaking on my travels! However, it's lasted a week in my make-up bag which gets thrown about quite a bit... So I guess that's a fairly good sign! I do like the fact there's a window so you can see all the shadows, I think it'll help me see when I'm starting to run out (which I forget about a lot - oops!). 

The Shadows
I love every single shade in this palette, I've already tried every single colour! They are all warm toned apart from "Exposed" which is much cooler than the rest of the palette. I'm really impressed with these shadows, they are very good quality and blend very, very easily. My only little annoyance is that they are very shimmery, which if you're not careful, somehow ends up smeared on your face!
(top row, left to right) Naked, Devotion, Shy, Fiery, Lavish, Dreamy
(bottom row, left to right) Tranquil, Exposed, Reveal, Wink, Obsessed, Corrupt

Unfortunately these shades weren't as photogenic as I thought it would be! Off camera, these shades are very pigmented and shimmery (as you can see). You can't actually see "Naked" as it is so pale! I really love this palette and I can see myself really getting moneys worth out of it!

This palette is just £4, which is just brilliant. Despite my packaging worries, I'm not that bothered if it's only costing me £4! My favourite shades are Devotion and Wink! 

What do you think of this palette? Have you tried it yet?

Ellie xx

Monday, 3 March 2014

An Introduction & A Boohoo Love List


This is my first post on my blog and I am pretty excited. Before this blog, I ran another blog, however I got really behind on the posts and got a little bored with it as I wasn't really sure what I was blogging about. However, I've now decided to start up a new blog - one that I will keep updated! - and I know what I will be posting about.
I am 17 years old (18 next month!), I am at sixth form and I have a weekend job. Around that, I like to fit in fitness, friends and gaming! I have more information on my "About Me" page... The link is in the side bar!

Onto my "Love List"!

I will probably write a lot of these types of lists. They're full of things I love the look of, but probably won't buy (unless I have the money haha)!
Today's Love List is from Boohoo. I love Boohoo as it sells such nice but affordable clothing! I will most likely place an order very very soon!

I have completely fallen in love with these chunky brogues. I love chunky shoes to "edge up" an outfit and also give me a bit more height. I'm not short at 5'5" but I like to be a little taller! 
I've been looking for a cute black handbag for a while now and this would be a perfect match for what I'm looking for. It also comes in a tan colour!
I love collared blouses and things that are a bit different and this shirt fits those two categories perfectly! I believe the eye design is inspired from Kenzo! 
This cute pastel pink jumper is great for spring and layering! I don't actually own a light-coloured jumper, so this could be a first! 

Well, here's my first post! I hope you enjoy my blog and stick around for the long haul!

Ellie x
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