Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Miss Sporty Dr Balm Review


All I seem to be doing recently is buying and reviewing lip products, like, I literally cannot stop. Any spare cash I may have is just instantly spent on some form of lip product.
The latest random lip purchase I made, was 2 Miss Sporty Dr Balm lip balms. I'm not sure what tempted me to buy these to be honest, Miss Sporty isn't really a brand I've ever used - not even as a young teenager! 

However, I'm glad I did. I actually really, really like these lip balms. They leave a nice sheer tint to the lips (which I'm loving at the moment) and they really do moisturise my lips. I get very dry lips, and these don't just mask the problem. 

(02, 05)
I bought 02, which looks a very shocking pink in the tube, but is actually a very pretty and natural looking pink when applied (well, on my lips anyway!) I really like wearing this to work as it brings some colour to my face whilst also looking natural.
I also purchased 05, the darkest colour of them all! This looks very dark in the tube, but actually applies to a very nice sheer red. 

(02, 05)

They both moisturise and colour very well, so I'm happy! The only thing I'm not overly happy with is the packaging (in my opinion, I think they look a little silly), but these little balms only cost £1.99 so I feel like I can't really complain!

Buy from Boots here for £1.99!

Have you tried these?

Ellie xx

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