Tuesday, 26 August 2014

An E.L.F. Wishlist


It's been a while since I ordered from E.L.F. and to be totally honest, I wasn't won over by the products when I first tried them. However, everything now has a firm place in my make-up routine and I can't really live without my brow kit, mineral lipstick and lip exfoliator. I really want to try a few more of their products. 

Tone Correcting Powder - to be honest I have no idea what skin tone my skin actually is. I'm olive skinned, but I'm also pale (unless I've been in the sun a lot) and I've just never really made any real effort in finding out. I feel like this powder would probably be the powder for me, as the yellow and green will help cover my redness. I seem to constantly be on the hunt for products that cover redness nowadays. 

Everyday Lashes - I love the look of these lashes. I love how the ends are more defined, I think that would look super stunning! I've never really dabbled in the world of falsies before (and I'll most likely play with some cheaper ones before I use these) but I'm really edging towards trying them out. They would just create lovely gorgeous even lashes. My lashes are pretty uneven, so if I was making an effort for somewhere these would be perfect!

Mineral Lipstick - I have a mineral lipstick in the shade "Rosy Raisin" and I'm completely smitten with it. It's my perfect lips-but-better shade and I don't think I've left the house without it on in the last week or so! I've fallen in love with the formula and texture, I really want to get my hands on another nude. I feel like this light pink nude would be super pretty and help create a very soft look.

Colour Stick - I think this product would be perfect for doing a quick highlight over your cheekbones, forehead and chin. I would of course blend it in (I'm not sure of the formula) and I would take a brush to highlight my brow bone, down my nose and on my cupids bow. I would imagine it's a cream highlight, seeing as it comes in a stick, and I've been wanting to try a cream highlight for the longest time. 

Ellie x

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