Sunday, 24 August 2014

Dinner at... Zizzis!


Last Friday I went out for dinner at Zizzis with my best friend. And let me tell you, it was awesome. I'm not a fan of Italian food to be honest. I'm an incredibly fussy eater and all things like tomatoes, pesto and mushrooms really make me feel queasy. However, give me a large serving of spaghetti, lasagne, garlic bread or pizza and I'll be more than happy!

We made the most of it by having three courses each, and whilst I forgot to take proper photographs (silly Ellie), I did get a snap of my starter and dessert.

I apologise about the lighting, it wasn't the best in there, especially for a phone camera snap!

I drank diet Coke, as I seem to be turning out as quite a lame 18 year old, but I do love my diet fizzy drinks! For starter, I had garlic bread. It was a massive portion, it could easily be shared. It was so gorgeous though, on a thin pizza-type base with garlic butter and rosemary sprinkled on top. For main, I had a classic margherita pizza. Again, it was pretty huge. So yummy though, a perfect balance between sauce and cheese. Finally for dessert I had a chocolate melt. Oh my gosh was this the most perfect thing I've ever eaten. A super soft chocolatey sponge with a melting chocolate core, with a side of vanilla Italian ice cream. Perfection.

We had such a nice time and the staff were so friendly. I definitely want to go back! The food is really good value for money as it's inexpensive plus you get quite a large portion! The drinks are expensive on the other hand though. 

Ellie x

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