Monday, 4 August 2014

A Nasty Surprise: Amazon Prime "Free Trial"


So today I had an incredibly nasty surprise after visiting my bank. Money was not in my bank account, and I automatically assumed work hadn't payed me. Angry, I phoned my boss and asked why I hadn't been payed. But I had been payed. So where had my money gone?

Still angry, I went into my bank and enquired as to what might have happened to my money, and was passed into a private desk. Then the woman explained.

When you buy from Amazon, there is an offer for free next day delivery. As I was buying the new Die Antwoord CD, of course I wanted it ASAP, so I chose it. However, choosing this option automatically enters you into the Amazon Prime free trial, and if you do not cancel after 30 days you are charged £79. Yep, £79! I was completely unaware of this free trial, and I received no email to tell me about it, or that it was coming to an end soon.

Luckily, as I haven't bought anything else since they took my money, I will be able to get my full refund back which will be back safely in a couple of days!

The lady I spoke with in the bank says this happens frequently, so check before making your Amazon order. Or if you want, use up your free trial and then cancel it. I was unaware of this situation, which is why I had my nasty surprise.

I am still very angry at Amazon as I received no emails informing me of what was happening, although I am glad to be getting my money back.

If this has happened to you, the easiest thing would be by seeing if you can cancel your membership and get a refund online, if not, pop into your bank. Nationwide have a service that deals with things like these, so I assume other banks would too. They'll get in contact with Amazon for you to see if you're eligible for a refund or not!

Just thought I'd do a quick post on it in case anyone else gets caught out. It's not nice to have money worries, especially when things are tight. If you've ordered recently and don't know if you have Prime, go check now!

Also, thank you to the lady that dealt with me in Nationwide - super friendly and helpful! :)

Ellie x


  1. It's usually covered under payment services regulations so banks can dispute it. There are so many things like this around l. Xx

    1. Thankfully it was very easy to get my money back from Amazon as I had not used Prime since the payment had been taken out, although my bank were putting a dispute through for me already as they see a lot of it. I was so shocked! xx


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