Monday, 3 August 2015

SheInside Wishlist

I've kind of been obsessing over SheInside recently, I can't help looking on their website and adding things to my wishlist. So many bloggers and vloggers have things from SheInside, which is where my curiosity came from!

Before I continue with my wishlist of things I've spotted, I just want to say that I am well aware of the bad things I've heard about this company, whether it be bad customer service, poor quality clothes and slow shipping. I feel the best way to shop from here, would be shop through their Style Gallery (which is where customers upload their items/outfits) and check reviews on everything!

Cactus Top
Lace Top
Cat Pocket Top
Geo Print Trousers
White Waistcoat
White Blouse

Please share any experiences/reviews/blog posts on things you got from SheInside! I'd love to see/hear about it a bit more!

Ellie x

*This is a scheduled post as I am on holiday til 12th August! :)

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