Friday, 31 July 2015

Beauty Packing 101: Your Makeup Bag

I've noticed a lot of people really struggling to pack their makeup bag for holiday. If it's one thing I'm good at packing-wise, then it's definitely my makeup bag. Fashion packing on the other hand is a totally different story!

I try to keep to 2 rules when packing. Keep it simple, and be realistic. Are you really going to need 4 eyeshadow palettes? Or 10 different lipsticks? Chances are, you'll stick to one, maybe two, shades the whole holiday. As for all those travel minis, is a mini shampoo and conditioner going to be enough for your 2-week beach holiday? Definitely not.

Although I'm still taking a fair amount of makeup, it's nowhere near the scale of my normal arsenal.
For me, it's mainly basics and about not wanting to ruin any of my favourite cream products. Getting a highlight/contour palette like the Golden Sugar palette from Makeup Revolution is fab, as not only does it have your face covered, it also passes as an eyeshadow palette! 4 lipsticks so you have a range of things to choose from, without going overboard. Four is enough for me; red, orange, pink and nude.
Brushes are another hard one, but just take your favourites that you know do the job.

For the evenings, I'll have primer, BB cream, brows, mascara, highlight/light contour and a lipstick. For day, all I'll need is powder, brows and mascara! Planning out what you want is one of the best ways to do your makeup packing, as you will be able to condense what you take and able to decide on some multi-tasking products!

I hope this post helps with your holiday packing!

Ellie x


  1. I can't wait to start packing my holiday make bag!


  2. Unfortunately im not going on holiday this year but i will be visiting my family in December, so this post will definitely be benefiting me. Last year when i went away for the weekend i took most of my makeup with me lol xx

    1. Ah glad I can help! :) it is so tempting to take away loads of makeup. Have fun in December! :) xx


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