Thursday, 2 October 2014

Eurogamer 2014!


Over the weekend I went to London for Eurogamer 2014! It had been planned for so long and it was so exciting to finally go. I also just want to mention that the lighting in Earls Court was very dark, and tinted blue or green depending on which area we were in - sorry! *long post warning!*

We all got up at around 4am as our train was at 6am and we all had to stagger our bathroom times. I opted to just do my hair and makeup on the train as I thought it would be easier, plus kill some of the time on our 3 hour journey! I went on the train in my rollers which I still find hilarious, but no one really batted an eyelid at me. Must be normal for girls to train with rollers in!

After dumping our excess luggage off at the hotel (cough, hostel, cough), we headed out to Earls Court! I was so excited to staying in Chelsea to be honest. 

The first game area we went into was the PS4 section, where you could play a sample of some new releases, including Far Cry 4 and Mortal Combat X. I didn't end up playing much because I'm used to an Xbox controller, it was kind of embarrassing not knowing the controls!

After this I can't really remember the exact order of things, so I'll go through the pictures in the order my computer puts them through!

Forza 2, in the Xbox One section!

A Super Smash Bros tournament in the Nintendo area

I met Mario & Luigi!

I'm not sure who she is or who she was meant to be, but her cosplay was literally awesome, I was taken aback by the detail!

More awesome cosplay. I recognise these guys but can't put my finger on them, if you know let me know in the comments!

Pikachu hat to match my Pokemon nails!

I played in a Destiny tournament... and won! It was pretty cool, although not knowing PS controls was really frustrating. Apparently they were giving out these collectible cards but I only got Old Russia.

The Evil Within is a horror game made by the same people that made Resident Evil. This really unimpressed me to be honest, although that could just be because of the chapter we got to play - nothing much happened.

The view of the first floor from the second floor! It was hard to capture just how big the exhibition was.
The Razer bus was another cool feature at EGX. Inside you could play on the new DayZ alpha. There were even real zombies wandering around outside the bus, I would of got a picture if they weren't so damn creepy...

Sackboy from Little Big Planet!

Had to swipe this off Snapchat, but I finally got to play the Occulus Rift!

My Pokemon nails! Featuring Mew, Dewgong, Togepi and Lunatone!

Leaving Earls Court :(

We went to Funscape after EGX for an after party. It was pretty fun with bumper cars and dance mats, I didn't end up getting any photos as my phone was dying.

I had such a good time at EGX, I'm definitely planning on going next year! Did you go?

Ellie x


  1. This definitely looks amazing and fun. I've never been to these kind of events. Great post.


    1. It was so fun, if you ever get the opportunity to go to an event like this you definitely should. Thank you!

  2. cool, looks like fun :)

  3. Looks like you had a fantastic time, really like your nail art as well!

    Much love xxx


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