Monday, 3 November 2014

Bubblicious Soaps


Something a bit different today. I haven't really reviewed any bath products before as I don't tend to buy things like that for myself, although I really want to treat myself more as I love a bit of a pamper!

A few months ago at my work we started selling Bubblicious soaps, gorgeously scented soaps in the shapes of cakes and other yummy treats! I was literally obsessed with them, yet never got round to picking some up, until the other night! I proudly took 5 of them home, including 2 cake slices, a cookie, an ice lolly and a Battenburg slice!
Bubblicious Soaps is a very local business to me, and I love that. I love getting products from the UK, but it's even more exciting knowing that an awesome business is in the same city as you!

Oh my gosh, I honestly cannot describe to you how good these smell. I'm currently using the cookie soap and it smells of pure chocolate - it's so hard to not take a bite! I didn't take a photo though, as it's very well loved now!
The ice lolly smells of strawberry, the Battenburg of marzipan, the lemon cake is just like buttery biscuits and lemon curd, and the strawberry cake like strawberry/vanilla and biscuit! 

I love how well detailed they are, you can tell a lot of effort has gone into each and every one as they are all handmade.

I was going to give the rest away as gifts but to be honest, I'm probably just going to keep them to myself as they just feel so luxurious and look and smell gorgeous. Once I've used them all up, I'd definitely repurchase!

Ellie x


  1. These are amazing!! ��

    Charlotte x

  2. Wow they look so cool! Would have been fooled that they were cake!! :) cute soaps! Are they sold online?x

    1. They are very realistic! :) yes you can buy them online! I've left a link in my blog post at the bottom :) x

  3. Woah these are amazing - as I was scrolling down I was thinking, "why is she mixing in pictures of cakes into a post about soap?" THEY LOOK SO REAL!

    Drea xo
    Drea's Junkyard

    1. Haha! This made me giggle :D they are very realistic, and smell pretty realistic too! :) xx


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