Monday, 10 November 2014

Makeup Revolution Go to the City Nail Polish


I've been searching high and low for a gold nail polish that isn't glitter, and yet I can't seem to find one (or at least one that is in stock). So when I came across the Makeup Revolution Go to the City polish, I put it straight into my basket. 

Packaging wise, it's nothing special but it's not bad. The bottles also seem quite large, so I think you definitely get your £1's worth out of these! The applicator is also a good size, it allowed me to quickly and accurately paint my nails with minimal mistakes. (I'm pretty rubbish at neatly doing nails anyway!)

The formula is actually quite good too, it applies nice and evenly and dries quickly if you don't blob too much on your nails. I found it to be perfectly opaque in two coats.
The colour itself is lovely, it's sort of semi-matte with very fine shimmer particles which show up in the light, which gives it an almost satin type effect.

However, there is a pretty big downside to this polish... It chips/flakes/peels off pretty much instantly. And not just little chips either, half a nail at once. This was gutting for me as I love the colour and the finish. But hey, it is £1 and I guess you can't hit every nail on the head at such a budget price.

Saying this though, I'm not giving up on it totally as I feel it will be perfect for doing gold designs with nail art or even a thin layer for underneath all the different gold glitters I have.

If you've tried any Makeup Revolution nail polishes, let me know! Even link me your reviews :)

Ellie x


  1. Ellie did you try it with a top layer on? I found my cheaper nail varnish stays on longer when I do :) x

    1. Yes I did, I used my favourite Rimmel one. To be honest I think it was just the polish, but it's what you get for a £1 and I'm not bothered by having to do repairs, but I do think this would be better for doing designs rather than using it for the whole nail! Still a fab bargain and I love the colour :D x

  2. I've tried Call Me Naive which is a really pale pink and wasn't impressed. The formula and everything just wasn't great. I'm not giving up on them just yet and picked up another today to see if that is any better. xx

    1. I tend to find paler polishes have a poorer formula anyway, like the Barry M gellies for example, and whites argh! I feel like I can't really complain as they are only a £1, but I love their shade selection, I'm going to be guilty of purchasing a few more! Would love to know how you get on with other shades! :) xx

  3. Replies
    1. I know, I'm a bit gutted about the chipping but I'd definitely still wear it if I wanted a gold on my nails and do touch-ups! xx


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