Wednesday, 8 April 2015

New Additions to my (Affordable) Skincare

I've had the same skincare routine/products for so long, in fact it wasn't long ago I posted my everyday skincare routine. I'm still using the same products, I have just enhanced the routine with some extras!

I think buying pure tea tree oil was a bit short-sighted, as I didn't realise you had to mix the pure oil with another oil to dilute it. Silly I know, but hey we all learn somewhere! When I run out I'm definitely going to pick up the blended version. I've been using this at night, mixing it with some E45 as I feel like it doesn't work so well with other oils, even though you are meant to mix it with other oils. My face is visibly smoother, clearer and less red the next morning - so I am extremely happy with this!

Pink grapefruit has been around for a while now in the skincare world, but I didn't really know about it's benefits for your skin until fairly recently. I decided to pick this up as I really like Superdrug's Tea Tree range. I feel like it does make a difference to how clear my skin looks, and it hasn't broken me out, caused any irritation and didn't sting like some face washes do.

Another Superdrug-own range, this one being the Naturally Radiant range. The range is really interesting and has lots of things to brighten up your skin, from serums and eyecreams to night creams and overnight peels. I really like this serum and I've been using it underneath my E45 to just add something else to my skin. I feel like it helps keep my skin from feeling to "flat".

Overall I am really happy with my new additions. I'm loving Superdrug's own skincare ranges, I'd highly recommend them to anyone who needs skincare to fit into a budget!

Ellie x

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