Monday, 2 June 2014

A Pricey Wishlist


I usually have a shopping list of general items or cheaper things, such as skincare or a new top for example. However I've had a separate wishlist for a while now that I thought I'd share! It's coloured black in my notes, mainly because if I buy any of things on it I'd be living off nothing but 11p instant noodles for the next month! However, I am saving up for these items - some of them I've been wanting for years! A couple of things on here won't cost me too much, but are on this list anyway :)

NARS - in my wishlist I've listed this as "item of NARS" mainly because when I do finally make my first purchase, I'll probably want something different to what I've written down! Right now though, I'd love the lip gloss in Orgasm, which is described as a "peachy pink with shimmer". I've had my eye on it for so long now! Such a cheeky name too, haha!

MAC - again, my first purchase from MAC could be totally different from what I want now, so is also listed as "item of MAC". Right now, I would definitely go for a lipstick. What could be better than owning one of those little iconic bullets? I would probably go for Morange, as I'm loving orange lipsticks right now! 

Mulberry - my love for Mulberry first stemmed from when I read Marie Claire on a plane around 4 years ago. There was a big advertisement, showing off the Alexa satchel. I really, really wanted the Alexa satchel (obviously as a 14 year old that was never going to happen) and since then I've moved on from my love for the Alexa and placed it onto the Bayswater Tote. I would absolutely adore to have this bag, although the price is c-razy! I would also get a purse to go with it, my personal choice would be the Daria French Purse! 

Sandals - being totally in love with this type of shoe really isn't helping me save towards my driving test. I'm so obsessed with this style, and I'm not really sure why! I've been hunting for a while for some really love evening shoes, I found some pretty good contenders in New Look, however having a designer pair would be lovely for special occasions. These Jasper Conran sandals are gorgeous, I adore the gold detailing on the toe area! Such a decent price (and currently on sale too), I may treat myself this coming payday!

Dress - I've wanted a mid-length bodycon dress for so long, and I think looks so gorgeous! I love the cut-out at the front, anything cut-out or mesh I'm all over recently. This isn't too pricey as it's from ASOS, but it's still over my usual budget hence why it's on this wishlist! I love bodycon dresses on me as I have a curvy figure, I can't get enough of them at the moment. Although with bodycons, I do find it important for the material to be fairly thick so it doesn't cling in the wrong places!

Gucci Guilty - I made the mistake of not buying this with my birthday money, and now I can't afford it! When I tried this on in Boots I just thought it had such a beautiful fragrance, and really suited me. I struggle with perfumes as I'm quite fussy, however this is just perfect. I can't wait to buy this and pop it onto my dresser, it will be a staple perfume! 

NARS Lip Gloss in Orgasm - £18.50
MAC Lipstick in Morange - £15
Mulberry Bayswater Double Zip Tote - £1500
Daria French Purse - £275
Jasper Conran Sandals - £59 (currently in sale for £41.30!)
ASOS Pencil Dress - £48
Gucci Guilty - £45

So there's my pricey wishlist! A lot of items I will be buying very soon, however some items (I'm looking at you, Mulberry) will have to wait a very long time indeed. Ah, handbag dreaming!

What's on your pricey wishlist?



  1. I know exactly how you feel about the Mulberry, such beautifully crafted bags, I need one in my life!!

    Would love it if you could take a look at my blog and even follow!

    Chloe xx

    1. They're just so beautiful! One day, eh?! xx

  2. ahh! Can I just have all of this too! that mulberry bag actually wants to make me cry and as for those shoes... actually extremely tempted! xx

    1. Oh tell me about the bag!! It's stunning! Ah I know, I may treat myself soon, you should too haha! xx


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