Sunday, 22 February 2015

H&M Homeware Wishlist

H&M have some amazing homeware, it's definitely a shop I'll be hitting when I get my house. I love how fashion-forward they are with their homeware, like having gold, marble and pastel coloured accessories. Just what I, and many others, love. Thanks H&M!

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I adore the gold metallic cushion, it would look great as a sort of statement cushion, or I can imagine this on its own a wire chair with a cosy blanket. I love wire baskets, they're perfect for decoration and for storage, I've seen them used to house little flower vases - super cute! I had a really tough time choosing which tray to put in this post, so I put both! They would both be cute to display your current favourite perfume, jewellery and makeup. I especially love the marble one! The cactus jewellery dish is my most exciting discovery, it's so cute and so me, I think I might have to place an order just to get this! And finally, a simple glass bottle. You can do so much with them, I think it would look gorgeous with a simple white flower in it, like a rose perhaps.

Ellie x


  1. Replies
    1. Haha well it's all affordable, so why not? ;) haha x

  2. Ahh I love this wishlist! The tray with the lashes is adorable!!

    1. Thank you! Yes I love it, it's so cute! :)


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