Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Pinterest Cooking Inspo

I'm back! I decided to take a week off from blogging as I had a week off from work, wanted to spend time with my boyfriend and I just needed some space away from the internet in general. It's done me a world of good and I have so many blog post ideas now, hooray!

If there's one thing I've been into right now, it's cooking. I'm obsessed with looking at recipes online, food blogs and finding interesting foods on Pinterest. I thought today I'd show you some of the things I've been drooling over on Pinterest, they just look to good to not share!

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Mmm! I've tried the recipe for the honey garlic chicken and it's absolutely delicious, I may make it again tonight as I'm craving it so much! Those cookies look divine, if there's one thing I can bake it's a darn good cookie so I want to give these two recipes a try soon. I'm a huge fan of garlic bread, so this cheesy pull-apart version would be fab - it wouldn't cost much either as you can buy a large fresh loaf like the one shown above for bargain prices at your supermarket. A favourite food of mine is the cheese toastie, so these cheese and ham roll-ups would be a fun alternative to the usual! Lastly, we have those amazing bacon pancake dippers, would be amazing dipped into maple syrup, mm!

Ellie x

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