Monday, 9 February 2015

My Super Easy Skincare Routine

I am definitely lazy when it comes to skincare. As much as I love pampering treats for my skin, I mostly can't afford it and/or would much rather have a quick fix to taking off my makeup and cleansing my face so I can get into bed as fast as possible. 
I use budget skincare that others may look over when browsing through Superdrug, but honestly, my skin has never been better.

Morning skincare is the easiest and quickest as there's no makeup to remove. I just use a 2-in-1 cleanser and toner, moisturise and I'm done.
My cleanser is from Superdrugs Tea Tree range, and is a 2-in-1 as it also tones! I picked this up as I needed an emergency cleanser whilst on my travels, and I fell in love. It really refreshes and cleans my skin, and my skin has never been better. I think what I love the most about this is that it's non-greasy, I hate when cleansers leave your face feeling greasy. This just leaves you with clean, fresh skin.
My moisturiser is E45! I've never strayed from this little gem. I've tried other moisturisers, but I just don't get on with them. This does the job for me and leaves me with lovely moisturised skin.

My nighttime routine is super easy as well! I start off by clearing off most my makeup with face wipes, then cleanse the rest of my makeup off with my Superdrug Tea Tree cleanser and toner, treat any spots and moisturise.
I don't use a specific brand for my face wipes, as I do only use them to get the worst of my makeup off (especially tough mascaras), so it's usually the cheapest I can find or ones that have an offer on. I don't see the big deal with face wipes that the online beauty world has created. Without face wipes I'd be using 10x more cleanser and cotton pads, which cost way more money to replace! Of course they probably aren't hygienic, but really, it's no different to covering a cotton pad with cleanser and rubbing it all over your face, but there we go. Mini rant over.
To treat spots, I like to use Sudocrem. I've found it's the most effective and quickest way to treat spots

Every few days I treat my skin with exfoliation and face masks. I think exfoliating your skin should be an important part of your routine, as it scrubs away any dead skin cells leaving you with fresh, brighter skin. It will hopefully also be an end to those pesky dry-patches, I get them around my nose the most and I find exfoliating really helps reduce this.
I've been loving Superdrugs Tea Tree Exfoliating Scrub, as it has a decent amount of scrub (and not just a couple of beads like other exfoliating products) so you really feel the difference after using it.
For masks, I personally love the Superdrug face masks. They come in reusable tubes and really do help your skin, depending on what you're after. I own three of these: Superberry Exfoliating, Aloe Vera De-Stressing and Vitamin E Hydrating. I wrote a review on all three of these, view it here!

Superdrug Tea Tree Cleanser & Toner - £3.29
E45 (350ml) - £6.95 (currently £4.63)
Sudocrem - £2.55

My whole skincare kit comes to around £21, which is an absolute bargain seeing as you can spend £20 on a cleanser alone. I may use budget skincare, but my skin has never been better!

Ellie x


  1. My skin has has a sudden outbreak and I really do not have the tools to keep on top of my skin. I've always been lucky and had lovely, clear skin but with stress related life doings I have been taken over! I'm going to take a trip to Superdrug tomorrow and purchase some of these, I've tried a few toner and cleansers but always find that they are either too harsh or don't do anything. I googled these products and they all have really good reviews! Thank you x

    1. I'm the same, my skin is usually clear but as soon as I get too stressed or poorly it breaks out so much! I feel like these really look after my skin, for a budget brand, and the Sudocrem is amazing for calming and healing spots! :) x

  2. I've never heard of any of these brands, so this is pretty interesting. I use a tea tree toner from lush, but I'm not sure whether it's working or not. I know tea tree has a lot of benefits, but I haven't really seen results from it yet.

    Z. | J. POTTER

    1. Hm thats interesting, I guess it would depend on your skin type. Tea tree has some amazing health benefits. Maybe try a tea tree oil?

  3. Great post! I love the tea tree scrub, I use it and it works so well! Really makes your skin feel so smooth and soft afterwards! And sudocrem is awesome for spots aswell.

    Heather xx

    1. It does, it's brilliant! I love a scrub thats got a decent amount of scrub :) xx


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