Friday, 25 April 2014

A Couple of Days Away


The past couple of days I've been away from home, not like a holiday, but I stayed at a friends house - it was lovely! I love getting away from my own house as I feel like I'm only ever at home, college or work nowadays. My boyfriend stayed over too so it was lovely to be with my two favourite people.

On Wednesday, we made our own pizzas! It was honestly so fun, and super simple! All you need is a bread mix for the base and your chosen ingredients. I had a cheese and onion bread mix (which you couldn't actually taste), with a Chinese BBQ style sauce, loads of cheese, smokey bacon pieces and chicken. It was lovely! Admittedly, it looks very "homemade" in the picture - but it tasted wonderful and that's what counts!

On the evening, we watched a film called "The Family" which is a film about the Manzoni family, a Mafia clan, who move to France. They're a pretty violent family, which is apparent from the start, and not all surprising if they're Mafia! It's a very good film and I enjoyed it very much! 

On the Thursday morning, we headed over to my friends old school which has a section that helps children who find things difficult, such as school or managing their behaviour. In this area of the school they have animals - chickens, rabbits and guinea pigs to be exact! I've met the buns and 'pigs a few times before and they're lovely, but I never got chance to really see the chickens.
They are lovely. So very friendly and cute. I love the little clucking noises they make! Although I've grown up around farms (due to my equestrian side of me) I've never actually held a chicken, so I was pretty excited too! They are very soft and actually very light, not what I was expecting at all!
Later that morning (approximately 11am) we went for a naughty McDonald's... I know, I know, 11am is a little ridiculous - but never mind!

Today is my last day of Easter break but I've enjoyed myself very much, the past few days have been lovely so now I've got a positive look ahead for the weekend and of course my birthday on Monday!


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