Friday, 25 April 2014

My Birthday Wishlist


My second post tonight as I couldn't wait to post it! As I've mentioned in my previous posts, it's my birthday on Monday and I'm super excited. I'm turning 18 and although I'm pretty scared, I'm also feeling very positive about my future. I've got a post lined up to post tomorrow morning (I've pre-written it as I work 9-5 then I'm off out partying, hooray!) all about how I'm nervous, but also some little goals I've set myself to achieve in my 18 year old life.

I wanted to write a little wishlist post as I do have a pretty big wishlist for my birthday now! It started off as just a watch, which I've already bought, but I've ended up with 5 pretty pricey items, oops!

I'm not sure where or when my beauty obsession started, but I'm very glad it did. The thought of owning a Gucci perfume and NARS lipgloss is just so exciting for me, it's kind of ridiculous, but I love the excitement!
This underwear set from ASOS is very, very pretty and exactly what I've been looking for. For £26 for the whole set as well it is amazing value! 
Ahh, Gucci Guilty... This one sprung on me. I was just browsing in Boots for a new perfume when I decided to look down the "pricier" section of the fragrances, when I tried this. It is so very, very pretty and girly, definitely a spring/summer scent! It's floral and just full of loveliness.
A bit of naughtiness from good ol' NARS now... Their Orgasm lipgloss is just so pretty, I will definitely be purchasing this soon (with or without the help of "birthday money"!). I love the pretty pink colour and the gold shimmer that runs through it, I suppose it is a "rose gold" and I expect this matches their infamous Orgasm blusher. I'm hoping it looks good with my dupe, Sleek Rose Gold blusher!
I've wanted a pair of jelly shoes since last summer, but I never ended up buying any. I've actually just bought some black jelly shoes, however I think these pretty pastel ones by JuJu will fit nicely in with my forever expanding shoe collection!
I've seen this used many times by bloggers recently and I'm desperate to go and pick one up. In all honesty, I haven't actually tried out a colour to see if they have a suitable colour, but I'm hoping they do! All bronzers on me just look "muddy", however I have heard that this Honey Bronzer by Body Shop is very natural and beautiful. I want to try it!

Roll on Monday!


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