Monday, 21 April 2014

Pinterest: The Hair Board


I've really recently signed up to Pinterest, however I only actually downloaded the app onto my phone and started using it a couple of days ago! So far I'm in awe of the beautiful photography and peoples DIY skills. Crazy.

Anyway, I signed up to look at cool little projects I can do for myself in my spare time, and also to use it as a tool for inspiration along the fashion and beauty lines. Today I wanted to show you a few hairstyles that I think are super pretty - I will be trying them very soon! 

1 - I love the textured messiness of this hairstyle, it's very similar to how I style my everyday hair if I'm honest! I like the loose casual braid at the side, it's very pretty
2 - I literally never wear my hair up, but as summer approaches I'll probably be thankful of having some hair off my neck! I really like this bun, it's so cute with the daisies around the side, New Look currently have loads of floral hair accessories, I might go and have a look! 
3 - Another up-do, I love this ponytail. I'm not sure if a low pony would suit me, but I'd love to try this!
4 - This is very similar to the first picture, however I like the small braids throughout her hair and the texture at the top of her head. I will definitely give this a go

Here's to hoping I'll be changing up my hairstyles soon! I'm getting rather bored of my usual wavy/straight ends/fringe pinned back out-the-way hair I sport everyday.

Yay for inspiration!

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