Monday, 12 January 2015

Goals, Achievements & Things I'd Like to Do in 2015


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I wasn't going to do one of these posts but as they're swirling around all over the place I thought I'd throw mine into the mix! I've got quite a few things I'd like to achieve during 2015, some goals I've even upped a little bit as I'm already heading near those targets - hey, there's nothing wrong with having dreams!

Personal Goals
Start horse riding again - this is something incredibly close to my heart, which is in the works right now. I'm just trying to find a decent riding school, then it'll be on with jodhpurs and I'll be off! I'm so excited to get back in the saddle.
Pass driving test - in April, it'll be 2 years since I started learning to drive. It's so embarrassing that I haven't passed yet, I'm hoping that I'll pass before I get to the 2 year mark!
Exercise more - I do a basic workout everyday consisting of squats, crunches and a small yoga routine, but I think I'm going to step it up a little bit and do more than 20 minutes everyday.
Cut down on takeaways, and learn to cook - I eat an insane amount of takeaways. I'm not wanting to cut down for health reasons either, just mainly because it's a ridiculous waste of money! I'd love to be able to cook, so I'm going to get a good cook book and work my way through it.

Blog Goals
Reach 200 Bloglovin followers - my original goal was 100, but I've already hit 85 (thank you so much!) so I'm going to step it up and aim for 200! Very exciting, and hopefully I write well enough to gain that following!
Get a professional layout - I have my eye on a layout I already want, but it's getting the courage to purchase it! This is definitely something I plan on doing sooner rather than later. I can't wait to see the new ELEANORMAES!
Stick to my schedule - my schedule is currently Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday and I'm planning on very much sticking to that.
Do more fashion posts

Things I'd Like to Do
Go to Alton Towers - I really hope to go back to Alton Towers this year! After being totally converted by my friend last summer, I'd love to go again. I never thought I'd like rollercoasters, yet here I am craving to get back on The Smiler!
Go on holiday - This one is already in the works, as my family and family friends are planning on going on a big holiday in summer. I haven't been abroad or on holiday for around 4 years, so I'm super excited. I'm already looking at holiday clothes!
Visit London - I really want to go back to London! I went briefly last year as I went to Earls Court for the Eurogamer Expo but I didn't get to look around much. I'd like to have a wander around Chelsea, go shopping on Oxford Street and see some sights.
Go to events - I went to quite a few events last year when I think about it, and I'd to do that this year! I'm kicking off this goal by going to see Die Antwoord on the 15th January - I just need to keep it up!

Do you have any goals, achievements & plans for 2015?

Ellie x


  1. I love this type of post, it's so motivational and positive! I can also relate to almost everything you put here esp learning how to cook, visit London, and exercise. Those are on my bucket list <3


    1. Ah thank you, glad you can relate to it! :) yes, they're my main 3 as well! Hopefully eh haha :) xx

  2. Great goals lovely! Don't worry it took me sooooo long to pass my driving test I was awful and constantly nervous but eventually it just clicked! Just take kalms on your test day and you'll be fine :) Also I really want to go to Alton Towers I still haven't been :( xxxx

    1. Thank you! Ah that's a great tip, thank you :) I'm so nervous to take it, I can't even book it as I'm so scared haha! You should definitely go, get a 2-for-1 voucher - they're so easy to get hold of! xxx

  3. Well, good luck!

    Preppy look with midi skirt and loafers on

  4. glad you set really good realistic goals! you'll get 200 followers no problem, I'm already following!!

    Aine Oh

    1. I think it's the best way! Aw thank you so much! :D

  5. I really hope you achieve everything you want to achieve in 2015! x x

    1. Thank you girlies! :) same to you! xx


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