Friday, 9 January 2015

Prada Candy


Another perfume post today as I couldn't wait to review this one either! Prada Candy was another thing I've wanted for ages, I love sweet fragrances and this certainly lives up to the name Candy, except it does it in a grown-up way.

I love the cute packaging on this. It's a very playful fragrance and I feel like they have represented this very well through their packaging. The hint of bright pink around the top of the bottle with Prada's classic font in gold around the band. Love.

The perfume itself is just gorgeous. So sweet, girly and fun. It's a nice light fragrance, perfect for everyday.

Base note - caramel
Heart note - benzoin
Top note - musk

Have you tried Prada Candy?

Ellie x


  1. I have been hearing great reviews about this perfume. Not only it smells so good, the packaging is beyond adorableee <3
    I am so tempted to buy one for myself soon!
    Thanks for sharing this, love.


    1. It's an all-round winner! You should definitely treat yourself :) xx

  2. This perfume looks and sounds gorgeous! x

  3. Replies
    1. You should treat yourself! It's lovely :) x


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