Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Recent Instagrams #3


It's been quite a while since I last did a recent Instagram post, mainly because I'm rubbish at updating my Instagram! I've been a little bit cheaty and using my blog photos, but I'm trying to be more spontaneous! I've even thrown in my first Insta-selfie.

1. Rimmel Apocalips in Across the Universe. I'm still loving this shade, it was perfect throughout the festive season. Such a lovely shade of red!
2. Handmade soap shaped of cake! It smells so good, like strawberries, vanilla and biscuits!

3. Anatomicals No Old Bags Allowed eye gel. Still loving this little tube!
4. Rimmel London Pop Art topcoat. I love the effect this topcoat gives, a super cute cartoony look to nails.

5. Strawberry mousse with strawberry compote - this was so delicious! I'm really craving it now haha, may have to pop round the corner to the Co-Op to pick one up!
6. Checked trousers & chunky boots OOTD. I absolutely adore these trousers, they were only £12 from Primark!

7. Gorgeous pink, red and white cyclamen from work! I love working in a garden center, I may not know much (basically nothing) about plants, but I am slowly learning, and it's lovely being around gorgeous plants.
8. Superdrug face masks! These are a staple in my skincare routine, I love them for feeling pampered and treating my skin throughout the week.

9. OPI Mother Road Rose, one of my favourite nail polishes. It's such a pretty shade!
10. My cat Humbug! He's such a gorgeous boy, and I'm such a typical cat mum! :)

11. Barry M White with Rimmel Pop Art layered over the top.
12. Gorgeous pink and gold statement necklace from Primark. It was only £5!

13. Superdrug Tea Tree cleanser and toner, another favourite skincare item!
14. White snake print brogues from Primark. They're so cute!

15. Ciate Gold Digga, my favourite ever gold polish.
16. Super cute little houseplants from work, I have just found out that they're called Fittonia. They're lovely!

17. We had a family weekend at work just before Christmas and had a face painter in, I didn't get my face done that day, so I let her paint on my arm instead. She was amazing!
18. The day I caved in and bought my first MAC items! I've been wanting more MAC goodies ever since!

19. MAC Creme in Your Coffee, my favourite lipstick! It's so beautiful.
20. Rimmel Glitter Bomb polish in Midnight Mistletoe, the most festive polish ever!

21. Ciate Candy Floss mini, such a pretty pink! It changes the shade in different lights, in some lights its a super bright pink and in others its a pretty pastel.
22. The famous Barry M Mustard!

24. My Christmas present from my mum, Prada Candy! I love how sweet and light this perfume is.
25. My Christmas present from my mums boyfriend, Philosophy Pure Grace set! It's so beautiful and luxe, and smells just like soap and water! Fresh.

26. The Lush Christmas Candy box! Filled with 4 of their sweetest creations!
27. A side-profile selfie! I loved how my hair turned out from my bendy rollers, and my minimal liner!

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Ellie x


  1. I absolutely love Instagram posts, your kitty cat is adorbs!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty Blog

    1. Aww thank you! I can't describe how much I love him haha :)

  2. All of these pictures are so precious and pretty! ^ ^


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