Sunday, 18 January 2015

Trevor Sorbie Keratin & Argan Magnetic Multi-Wand


On Boxing Day I ordered this 3-in-1 curling wand on a bit of a whim. I've been wanting a curling wand for a while, as since getting my hair cut short it doesn't naturally curl/wave like it used to when it was long, and I don't always have time for bendy rollers.

To be honest I was drawn to these as they're rose gold more than anything. It does look really nice and smart. It comes with a mat (which has 4 holders for the wands and electrical bit, and a stretchy band to keep the wires safe), 3 wands (a bubble wand for waves, a smallish barrel for smaller waves/curls and a large barrel for big curls) and a heat-proof glove.

The wands are easy to put in and change around, and it heats up to full temperate (200 degrees) very quickly.

I have never used a curling wand before, so getting used to this will be the main thing for me learning about it's performance. However, I have found this very easy to use and I am impressed with the results, it's so much quicker than bendy rollers!

Ellie x


  1. Would love to see how these curl your hair as I'm on the hunt for some wands myself.

    Blogging Gals Founder |

    1. I'm planning on doing a post that shows the types of curls :) x

  2. Did you do a post about the curls in the end? I've been looking at these for a while now and I'm just not sure. I love beachy / messy waves.


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